Our Solutions Portfolio

Database Support Services

Based on client's requirements, we update existing financial models and industry, sector and macroeconomic databases.

This service helps our clients expand their research coverage and depth. It also provides them flexibility to smoothly handle spikes in workload during earnings season and help control their costs.

Clients have access to dedicated Analyst(s) who periodically update financial models of the assigned companies and/or update industry, sector and macroeconomic databases.

Financial Modelling Support Services

We provide a full scale research support service, where the dedicated offshore Analyst(s) is responsible for developing financial models based on assigned companies' business model, update the model periodically and also assist the clients in formulating and refining assumption sets.

Financial Modelling Support Service helps clients maintain active coverage of a wide range of stocks albeit at a reduced cost.

The Analyst(s) is responsible for understanding the business model of the assigned companies, create the financial models, periodically update the models, conduct company management discussions in case the management is accessible and also help formulate, refine and update assumption sets for the forecast periods.